Brother’s Keeper Poetry Ensemble

Brother’s Keeper is a poetry theater ensemble that seeks to bring healing, encouragement and inspiration to others through the art of spoken word. Blending poetry, music and theater elements, Brother’s Keeper explores a variety of topics detailing the human experience, from a male perspective, in an attempt to counteract some of the negative images of African American males found in mainstream press and media.

Since their debut performance in February 2012, the group’s four members: Marlon Carey, Art Collins, Elder Lawrence Nunes, and Yunus Quddus, have been committed to embodying the good and positive aspects of manhood --- Sensitivity, Compassion, Selflessness, Fatherhood, Responsibility Community and Spirituality,--- as well as sharing those parts of human nature that provoke discussion and prompt us to make changes in our actions towards others.

Since the group’s inception, Brother’s Keeper has received numerous accolades, including an official citation from the Mayor of the City of East Providence, RI, for their service in the Annual Black History Month Presentation.

Join Brother’s Keeper at the Southside Cultural Center on Sunday, January 27, this FUNDA Fest Event.

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