Christylez Bacon

 Christylez Bacon was born and grew up in Washington, DC and attended the Duke Ellington School of the Arts in the city.[2] He has been featured on Morning EditionNational Public Radio, performed at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts[3] and founded the Washington Sound Museum, a regular concert series at the Atlas Performing Arts center in Washington's H Street NE.[4] The Washington Post notes that he is a beatboxer and progressive hip hop artist.[4] He also played with the National Symphony Orchestra.[5]

Bacon classifies his largely diverse music as progressive hip hop. In a local interview, He states,

"It takes traditional hip-hop elements and fuses live instrumentation and genres from around the world. The inspiration came from knowing our simple connection in music. Every culture or group of people on this planet has music and the arts. I have always believed that ignorance causes hate, disrespect, and lack of communication among us all. The idea of the "remix" in hip-hop music made it evident that we can put any style into the mix, thus uniting lovers of hip-hopsalsaclassicaljazz, and bhangra in one space. The music is the lure and the lyric is the education that will destroy the many barriers that prevent us from recognizing our connections with each other.

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